[OFFTOPIC] bedwetting.

Michael Schwendt mschwendt.tmp0701.nospam at arcor.de
Mon May 7 13:45:11 UTC 2007

On Mon, 07 May 2007 13:26:50 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 14:10 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
> > And how does changing the topic of my serious post, about the sometimes hostile 
> > mails seen on this list (not only by you), to "[OFFTOPIC] bedwetting" show any 
> > respect whatsoever ???? 
> It doesn't. What's your point?
> I have absolutely no respect for the PC nonsense you insist on dragging
> us back to despite my attempt to stay with the sensible topic.
> So what? I _sincerely_ hope you're not trying to imply that observation
> is at all relevant to your earlier, incorrect, assumptions about my
> respect (or otherwise) for something/someone entirely _different_?

I'm so sick of threads like this one, which do damage to the Fedora
community of packagers and which hurt the Fedora community in general.
Threads like this create a hostile environment. The context in which
fellow packagers are called "package-monkeys" seems to be the same always.


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