F7 Zope package

Jonathan Steffan jon at fedoraunity.org
Mon May 7 19:56:52 UTC 2007

Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
> * David G. Mackay [07/05/2007 20:33] :
>> You keep saying that it's a massive effort.  Would you point us to some
>> documentation outlining the work required?  Also, how much work is
>> required of Red Hat employees?  As a casual observer, I just don't see
>> it, and I might be a lot more sympathetic if I had a better idea.
> This goes both ways.
> If the work needed to package compat-python24 + zope + plone + any and
> all packages needed to make the whole stack work is trivial, then
> anybody can do it and make a third party repo with all the rpms and
> maintain it until Zope 3 is included in Fedora.

Even when Zope 3 is available in F7, Plone will not be supported. I
would expect this to be the case with other Zope projects/products too.
In response to your "use a 3rd party" direction.. that is most likely
what will happen. We all know where that leads, just look at the current
state of all the addon repos for Fedora currently. (Yes, I know there is
work to make it better and I've tried to be involved in this.) I'm all
for having things well documented as to why it's *not* there and also
want to be clear as to what I (the maintainer) have done to get the
packages supported in Fedora 7.


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