F7 Zope package

Jonathan Steffan jon at fedoraunity.org
Mon May 7 20:25:59 UTC 2007

Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
> * Jonathan Steffan [07/05/2007 22:07] :
>> In response to your "use a 3rd party" direction.. that is most likely
>> what will happen. We all know where that leads, just look at the current
>> state of all the addon repos for Fedora currently.

We are going to end up with N number of 3rd party repos providing
Zope/Plone and thus python 2.4. Currently, 3rd party Fedora repos have a
track record of not working together (this is changing! and I in no way
want to put down the current efforts) and all that does is lead to lot
more issues then some extra overhead managing an "official" python 2.4
package(s). Basically, this is going to take the headache/overhead from
the Fedora devs and put in on the Community based support structure.

> Actually, I have no idea where that leads and I'ld be very surprised
> if I were the only one. Could you fill in the blanks ?
> Emmanuel

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