F7 Zope package

David G. Mackay mackay_d at bellsouth.net
Mon May 7 21:10:20 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 22:36 +0200, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:

> Retired packages have been around since day one (well, day two really
> but you know what I mean...) and "Depends on a legacy library that no
> longer ships in Fedora" is just one of a long list of reasons (*cough*
> xmms *cough*).

Yeah, next time I'm at the watering hole, I'll have to hoist one in
memory of Fedora Legacy.  And not shipping multimedia components that
are illegal in the US is a lot more palatable than not shipping a
product because it's inconvenient to package a dependency.

> The cleanest thing to do is document it ASAP so that people using said
> packages can have as much time as possible to find alternate solutions
> (whether that be moving to another distribution, joining forces to
> maintain a third party repo or anything else), IMHO.

I doubt that there'll be a problem finding a repo that will host Zope.
And, I think that we're getting the word out now.


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