ipw3945/iwlwifi/iwl3945 users, please test latest davej kernels

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Tue May 8 14:06:45 UTC 2007

John W. Linville wrote:

> At this point, I am quite uneasy about this driver.  It seems to work
> fine at times, then crash or simply refuse to associate at others.
> I am considering backing it out to the 0.0.16 tag or possibly even
> removing it (since the driver has _still_ not been posted upstream).


First the name has changed, iwlwifi -> iwl3945, confused me anyway.

The device associates okay automatically to my WPA network using wext on
bootup now but I am not using Network Manager. I just mean that it
happens on my setup, I don't know what will happen on an FC7 install
without meddling.

They fixed the b rates issue on a g network, so it now understands it is
a G adapter on a G network.

They seem to have improved the robustness problem where for example a
git pull would kill the driver. However I can still kill the driver from
userspace by bringing up a management interface and injecting packets
down it.  When it is trashed, it drops association, will not associate,
may or may not stall on a modprobe -r, and issues this when trying to scan:

iwl3945: check mac addr 1 | 1
iwl3945: check basic rate 2 | 1
iwl3945: check assoc id 3 | 1
iwl3945: check CCK and short slot 4 | 1
iwl3945: check CCK & auto detect 5 | 1
iwl3945: check TGG 6 | 1
iwl3945: check antenna 7 1
iwl3945: Tuning to channel 2
iwl3945: Error not a valid ipw_rxon_assoc_cmd field values
iwl3945: Invalid RXON configuration.  Not committing.

If you can remove it and re-insert it, then it will work okay.

On my brief experience with it I would keep it in, since it is better
than no support at all and more stable than, eg, bcm43xx has been in the
past Fedora kernels.


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