F7 Zope package

David G. Mackay mackay_d at bellsouth.net
Tue May 8 16:13:36 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-08 at 15:18 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> May as well trumpet "our release process is a joke" and "people who
> follow it are morons afraid of a little flaming".
> Think we're not creating a precedent now? Read the thread. Every past
> compat package is used as an argument to ignore test releases and the
> fact python 2.5 hit rawhide 10 months ago.
> Do we want to be flamed every time there is a roadmap clash because
> people feel it's easier to change ours than fix the problem upstream
> (upstream, upstream, usptream, remember ?)

You seem to believe that the failure of Zope Corp to expend a major
effort that yields NO improvement to their product so that you can be
bothered to give their product away somehow makes a very useful package
undesirable.  The only upstream problem that I see here is that the
python developers keep breaking compatibility with previous versions.
Quite frankly, if python weren't such a great development tool in other
respects, that would probably be enough to get most developers to tell
them to bugger off.

> > I guess in the end it boils down to are we doing a distro for developers only, 
> > or for normal (not minding to be on the cutting edge) users too?
> It boils down to are we trying to do a distro or are we just publishing
> a package magma with no lifecycle or internal consistency.

Are you so inflexible that you can't reverse a flawed decision?


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