F7 Zope package

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Tue May 8 18:05:38 UTC 2007

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le mardi 08 mai 2007 à 14:53 +0200, Hans de Goede a écrit :
>> But I see a serious lack of respect for our end users here.
> I see a serious lack of respect for the release process and all the
> packagers that followed it if a single user causing enough noise on the
> lists can force the fork of a major distro component against the wishes
> of its maintainer on the eve of a release for a single app without the
> upstream of said app being involved and expressing any form of
> commitment to help clear the mess.
> May as well trumpet "our release process is a joke" and "people who
> follow it are morons afraid of a little flaming".
> Think we're not creating a precedent now? Read the thread. Every past
> compat package is used as an argument to ignore test releases and the
> fact python 2.5 hit rawhide 10 months ago.
> Do we want to be flamed every time there is a roadmap clash because
> people feel it's easier to change ours than fix the problem upstream
> (upstream, upstream, usptream, remember ?)

You're getting me wrong, I'm not advocating a last minute rush to fix this. I 
mearly want to know why FESco decided as it did. Sofar no-one has been able to 
explain that properly to me. Also I almost always read the FESco meeting 
minutes, and I cannot remember seeing this there. But thats probably my fault, 
can someone point me to the minutes of the meeting where this was decided?



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