F7 Zope package

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel.seyman at club-internet.fr
Tue May 8 18:27:41 UTC 2007

* Hans de Goede [08/05/2007 20:13] :
> I know that no matter which way the decision is made, this won't get us a 
> working zope with the the release. But if a solution is found, then maybe 
> we can have a working zope as an update, that would look way better in the 
> release notes, then what boils down to: "If you use zope, go looking for 
> another distro"

There's a simpler solution :

Make a third party repo that delivers zope-runtime
(the-language-formerly-known-as-python-2.4 ?) + zope + anything else you see
fit and maintain it until Zope 3 is included in Fedora.

Users will just go to a website, click on a rpm, click twice on "OK"
and then run "yum install zope" (or whatever the equivalent for their
favourite backend is).


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