Sun just released the JDK under the GPL implications for F8 / F9?

Tom Tromey tromey at
Wed May 9 02:29:20 UTC 2007

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Overholt <overholt at> writes:

Andrew> I speak with no authority but I'm sure we'll have OpenJDK in
Andrew> Fedora 8 if not some time in the Fedora 7 cycle.  There are
Andrew> still the encumbered bits to work out in the short term.  In
Andrew> the longer term, we need to think about platform coverage.
Andrew> I'm confident, though, that we'll have an openjdk alternative
Andrew> (as in alternatives) soon.

Which Fedora release this ships in depends on how quickly the
encumbrances can be lifted.  Also my current understanding is that the
standard names ("Java", "OpenJDK") can't be used unless the TCK is
passed, and I don't know when this will all be set up.  "Ice tea" has
been proposed as an interim name :-)

Platform coverage is also important but perhaps a bit less so; though
I suppose setting the standard here is up to the Fedora governing
board.  The problem is that there is no PPC port and the best guess
today is that there won't be one before F8.

Anyway, yes, assuming various minor remaining hurdles can be jumped,
OpenJDK is the future.  We have always said that it is better to have
a single good implementation.


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