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Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed May 9 17:25:43 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 18:52 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> > > Wrt. "collaboration with RH" and "unifying Core and Extra"s on packaging
> > > work actually nothing much has happened. Packages which have been under
> > > RH control still are under RH control and what had been under "community
> > > maintenance" still also is. 
> > 
> > Not true.  KDE is now co-maintained with a community developer,
> C'mon, Rex has relabeled his former kde-redhat work under the Fedora
> brand.

What does that have to do with anything?

> >  and that
> > developer has actually committed changes to CVS now.  That's just one
> > concrete example.
> Great, _one_ developer (and FBP, FESCO and FPC member) has CVS access.

Yeah.  One so far.  Less than a week after the merge.

> > We're also getting requests from packagers to allow builds for Core
> > packages that bring in Extras deps.
> > Things are not going to change magically overnight.  Have patience.
> Don't you think we already are?

I think most are yes.

> I have not complained about nobody having done anything on this (IMO:
> unusable flagged review stuff causing the bugzilla list to be flooded,
> I did not complain about the web-pages going on and off almost daily.

Um... wtf does that have to do with Red Hat and/or the Core/Extras
merge?  Hardware breaks, gets upgraded, etc.

Not to mention the fact that Red Hat just dropped a significant chunk of
money to add new hardware to cope with the merge.  Should they apologize
for a state of flux while that hardware was integrated?  I think not.

> I did not complain about plague suddenly going offline for devel and
> being replaced with something largely undocumented called koji.

Do you have difficulties with koji or ..?  Seriously, if there are
issues here they can be addressed.  From a packager standpoint, building
packages is still done with 'make build'.

> I did not complain about all @RH's missing at the FPC meeting yesterday
> because (as it had leaked through other channels) them having been at
> the "RedHat summit". 

People have day jobs...  I miss FESCo meetings because of mine... should
I be kicked off of it?

And I'm pretty sure it wasn't "leaked through other channels".  Nobody
was sneaking around not telling people that a Red Hat summit was going

> I did not complain about the merger "Freezing former Extras" (A
> regression in comparison to the pre-merger situation), ...

"regression".  I disagree.  Extras had no structure.  Did it work for
the most part?  Sure.  But then again, there were never Extras packages
being included in ISO spins, etc.  Things like this are what I'm talking
about when I say it's a two way street.

> Now accuse me to be impatient again ;)

It's not your patience that irks me.  It's your insistence upon _making_
this a Red Hat versus community fight.

> >   But
> > your claims that it's "Red Hat vs. the community" are simply not true.
> Ask yourselves: Who decides on Core packages? @RH

Um... because Core _just_ got merged and we're in the middle of trying
to get a release out the door...

> Example: The perl-packaging split, inclusion of non-free firmware
> packages, @RH's reactions on reviews, etc.

non-free firmware went to the Board.  There are non-Red Hat people on
the Board.  What more do you want here?


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