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Till Maas opensource at
Thu May 10 14:50:48 UTC 2007

On Do Mai 10 2007, Karl MacMillan wrote:

> When selinux is turned on again a full relabel of the filesystem is done
> to correct these problems. If the custom file context wasn't added to
> the database of file contexts (via a module or semanage) the file is set
> to the default label.

So will chcon in a scriptlet work, when an rpm is installed while selinux is 
not active?

> Not sure what you mean - you should be able to run semanage in a post.
> Perhaps you should also need to do chcon (as opposed to restorecon)
> because the command may not have run before the file was created.

When I tested semanage, the problem occured, how to update the labels with 
semanage. E.g. when the regex is changed that desribes, which files should be 
labeled in a certain way. And when one wants to remove the old labels when 
uninstalling the package. E.g

version 1 of the package:

semanage add RULE1
semanage remove RULE1

As far as I understand rpm, when updating the release of version 1, first 
semanage add RULE1 from release two runs from %post and then
semanage remove RULE1 from release one. This effectivly removes the rule from 
the /etc/selinux, because identical rules seem not be added more than once 
to /etc/selinux. When I restrict the %postun only to complete removals of the 
package, than when one changes the RULES, e.g. in a version 2:

semanage add RULE2
semanage remove RULE2

then RULE1 will not be removed (it is not the final remove). Then every 
release has to include "semanage remove RULE1" in "%post" maybe forever. I 
hope you understand the problem I try to describe, because I did not really 
use the correct selinux-terms.

I would be happy, if I am wrong with this. But if this problem is not solvable 
with semanage, imho semanage is not a good way to add selinux support to a 


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