Thinkpad HDD head parking support?

Jeff Gustafson ncjeffgus at
Thu May 10 21:53:13 UTC 2007

Hi all,
        I decided to check out the Test4 release on my Thinkpad T60p.
Although the bay eject didn't work with the kernel that was in the test4
distribution, the latest version available in Rawhide did support the
bay drive eject.  I'm looking forward to this since FC6 doesn't seem to
support the T60 bay.  Now if only ATI would get their drivers to work
with the newer Xorg releases, I'll be set.
        I do have one suggestion though.  Would it be possible for the
drive head parking support be added into the kernel?  The kernels seem
to support the sensor, but without the parking patch, the sensor is
basically useless.
        The newest patch that I could find for this support is here:


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