Review Request: jss - Java Security Services (bz#230262)

Margaret Lum mlum at
Thu May 10 21:57:34 UTC 2007

Warren Togami wrote:
> Right, unsigned in Fedora.  Proprietary or 3rd party apps needing a 
> signed JAR would need to provide it from a separate source.  Can you 
> confirm that it could be parallel installed without much trouble?
There won't be any need for this, as developers can sign at their own 
>>> Red Hat (the company) could (pending legal approval) choose to 
>>> proceed with this as part of an internal product.  But as the rules 
>>> stand today, Fedora cannot ship this signed.
>> We will ship this UNsigned, in Fedora.  Can approval be re-evaluated?
> Right, yes it can.
Please let me know what the next steps to working this through the 
approval committee expediently.  I want to make sure there aren't 
details omitted that would hinder this package from being approved.

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