Firefox not using ~/Download

Chris Brown snecklifter at
Sat May 12 10:08:35 UTC 2007

Hello Rishi,

On 12/05/07, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray <debarshi.ray at> wrote:
> It seems that Firefox is not using the ~/Download directory for
> storing its downloads. The default location is still ~/Desktop.
> Although one can easily change the settings in Firefox, isn't it more
> reasonable if all applications made use of the ~/Download directory by
> default when one is available?
> Regards,
> Debarshi

I'm not really convinced of the value of adding those folders by default. My
first instinct is to drag and drop to trash. However I do think that having
certain apps use them by default - e.g. grip ripping to music, gimp saving
to pictures and yes, firefox saving to downloads would be a good start. I
imagine this is probably the intention anyway. However I'm not sure said
apps wouldn't spit the dummy if those folders didn't exist.


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