Legality of Fedora in production environment

Paul P Komkoff Jr i at
Sun May 13 23:13:25 UTC 2007

Replying to Dmitry Butskoy:
> The using of software in business and production environment can be a 
> subject for legislative regulation. It can lead to some legal troubles 
> of using of distributions like Fedora.

Such an interesting thread and I almost missed it!

First, what is teh License. Not a single entity who are now involved
in IP law enforcement in Russia understands this. And, despite what
Alan said about learning, I don't see how it can be improved. The
situation will be only worse.

But then, how to deal with it. Typical scenario starts when teh police
comes and asks for the licenses. The only thing we need to do here is
to show them proof of purchase or the printed licenses when someone
with rights grants you permission to use the software.

In other words, you, as Dmitry Butskoy, can comply to Fedora' EULA and
GPL by redistributing entire distribution to your organization for

Print the GPL, print the russian translation (non-official/for info
purposes only), sign, show. This will be enough - in cases They
haven't "told" to shutdown your business specifically.

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