Legality of Fedora in production environment

Paul P Komkoff Jr i at
Mon May 14 17:59:18 UTC 2007

Replying to Andy Shevchenko:
> But issue in other words in the corruption.
> I mean the Microsoft's software (due to its fee > 0) can be used for money
> back (also called "reverts").

Also called "kickbacks".

> I try to explain this.
> Person A and company C agree to buy some software for company B. Note: A is
> a official workers on C. The B write bill with higher price (about 30%).
> After C pay to software approx 130% of price the part of that price A and
> people from B share between each other. Understandable?

You are such an optimist... 30% kickbacks is so 2001... now it's way
more :)

> The OSS model is not acceptable for this financial tricks.

Jokes aside, yes. Because free software is, essentially, free, any
person in power of making decisions (on the fixed salary less than
$800/mo) don't have any incentive to go for it.

Technical arguments don't matter.

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