[Fwd: Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment]

Dmitry Butskoy buc at odusz.so-cdu.ru
Tue May 15 17:30:55 UTC 2007

nodata wrote:
>>> Alexander, I am really sorry about this.  My appologies.  I did not 
>>> know that it was April 1st joke.  I read this just recently and took 
>>> it seriously.  Probably my knowledege about modern Russia is not 
>>> adequate anymore.  I left it ten years ago.
>>>> The case described below is April, 1st joke which was created by
>>>> www.securitylab.ru portal (a good one!) but went largely unnoticed until
>>>> someone showed it to general IT media without linking to the original.
>>>> http://www.securitylab.ru/news/293577.php
>> What do you speak about now?
>> To be clearly understood:
>> The Russian case described is not "a joke", unfortunately.
>> Certainly, it is (still) not wide-spread, but I hear about such a threat 
>> at each RHEL-related seminar now. A user ask "what about if I just 
>> download from Internet", the "official" answer is "it is dangerous, 
>> because your computers can be confiscated etc...", and "if you don't 
>> want such troubles, buy (our) box with some license paper..."
> Did you experience this yourself first hand, or hear it off someone at a
> conference? Did they experience it first hand?
> nswer
Oops, it seems you ask about the joke, but I answer about the actual 
troubles. Surely my post above is not about the joke :)


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