Massive size increases in certain packages

Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at
Fri May 18 08:08:50 UTC 2007

Orion Poplawski wrote, at 05/18/2007 05:35 AM +9:00:
> I did a quick compare of FE 6 to the last FE devel and found that the 
> following packages have increased in size by more than a factor of 2. 
> Some of these may be fine, I haven't looked into it in detail.
> wallpapoz 110963 -> 363890

Well, wallpapoz is maintained by me. During FE6->F7 wallpapoz
version changed
FE-6: 0.3-1.fc6
F-7:  0.4-0.5.rc2.fc7
(Currently I don't have a plan to update FE-6 wallpapoz to 0.4rc2)
and actually the contents increased (with new function, translation,
etc...). So for this package thereis no problem.

BTW I like wallpapoz very much.


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