Explaining the new suspend quirks functionality in F7

Miles Lane miles.lane at gmail.com
Sun May 20 16:09:40 UTC 2007

On 5/20/07, Deependra Shekhawat <jeevanullas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This laptop model is not mentioned in the fdi i saw for lenovo. only R
> series and Tseries thinkpad are there. Don't you think support for the
> lenovo 3000{N,Y,} series laptop is needed?

It is my understanding that not all laptops need quirks added in order
to have working suspend/resume.  Of course, the goal is to support all

You can try "pm-suspend --quirk-vbestate-restore --quirk-vbe-post".
Also, you can always run "pm-suspend --help" to see the other options.
 I'd try looking at the entries for the other Lenovo machines and
creating a similar one for your laptop.  Maybe the same quirks will
To determine the ID to put is a quirk entry for your machine, run
"lshal | grep system.hardware.product".

Good luck.

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