current boot.iso from 18th of May, missing module _sha256

Hans K. Rosbach hk at
Mon May 21 12:34:09 UTC 2007

I have booted it without options and used DHCP to get
the IP, then used HTTP method ""
and "/fedora/core/development/x86_64/os".

After downloading the stage2.img I get the following
"ImportError: No module named _sha256"

There is a backtrace like this: (a bit simplified)
anaconda import handleException import kickstart import urlgrabber.grabber
urlgrabber/ import urlgrab, urlopen, urlread import urllib2 import hashlib
(ok, I'll give some more details for the last few lines:)
file, line 106 
    sha224 = __get_builtin_constructor('sha224')
file, line 34 in __get_builtin_constructor
    import _sha256
ImportError: No module named _sha256

So, any bright ideas?
I can provide a full trace if necessary.

Also, 2'nd of may boot.ini does not honor the nodmraid
flag and that is what I was about to test now. Has this been
fixed since? (I have been away on vacation and I barely had
time to send a notification mail to Mr. Katzj before leaving)

    Hans K. Rosbach

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