BUILD ERROR from after tagged branchs

SmootherFrOgZ lxtnow at
Mon May 21 23:09:22 UTC 2007


after imported and tagged all branch for build, the following command failed
"make build"
see error above

branch tagged :
[SmootherFrOgZ at lxtbuild FC-6]$ make tag
cvs tag  -c gammu-1_10_0-2_fc6
? gammu.spec
cvs tag: Tagging .
T .cvsignore
T Makefile
T branch
T sources
Tagged with: gammu-1_10_0-2_fc6

Error from make build :
[SmootherFrOgZ at lxtbuild FC-6]$ make build
gammu.spec not tagged with tag gammu-1_10_0-2_fc6
make: *** [build-check] Error 1

same error from all branchs.

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