SUID to cdrecord and cdrdao

Denis Leroy denis at
Tue May 22 12:10:51 UTC 2007

Adam Tkac wrote:
> Hi all,
> I did some quick think about SUID bits to /usr/bin/cdrecord (wodim) and 
> /usr/bin/cdrdao . I'm using k3b for burning and it always write warnings 
> like cdrecord will be run with root privileges. What do you think about 
> it? Could it cause some security issues or something bad?

I can't speak for cdrecord, but cdrdao gives up its root privileges 
after setting its burn thread priority.

Also a word of warning: there might be cdrdao regressions in F-7 because 
cdrdao has to link with an older unpatched version of the cdrtools 
library (that's shipped with cdrdao), since F-7 dropped cdrtools in 
favor of cdrkit. I have plans to work on porting cdrdao to cdrkit (or 
libburnia), but it might take a while... People willing to help should 
contact me directly.


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