SUID to cdrecord and cdrdao

Adam Tkac atkac at
Tue May 22 15:01:49 UTC 2007

Alan Cox napsal(a):
> On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 01:11:00PM +0200, Adam Tkac wrote:
>> I did some quick think about SUID bits to /usr/bin/cdrecord (wodim) and 
>> /usr/bin/cdrdao . I'm using k3b for burning and it always write warnings 
>> like cdrecord will be run with root privileges. What do you think about 
>> it? Could it cause some security issues or something bad?
> It's completely unneccessary on typical modern computer systems. Ignore the
> warnings they really only apply on ancient slow systems. (486 etc)
> Alan
Imagine that someone starts kernel compilation "make -j 100" and someone 
else starts "cp -r / /back" :) . Not so typical situation but cd burning 
with suid could end fine more probably :)


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