Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-MAY-21

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Tue May 22 19:47:41 UTC 2007

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

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== Rawhide ==
 * f13
   * looks like Bill managed to get pungi to run on it, awesome.  We now have installable rawhide.
   * just did a pungi spin using the static-repos and that seems to be going swimmingly
   * latest rawhide should include mdraid fixes
 * wwoods
   * there's some selinux bogons in the current policy that I'm chasing.. notable is the fact that semodule -i seems a bit broken 13:14 < wwoods> which is bad, since that's basically how we tell people to work around *other* selinux problems
 * iwl3945 wireless
   * linville committed some fixes for it and is looking at it more today
   * doesn't blowup machines any more, but needs more testing
   * jeremy plans to look into it a little more

== F7 Blocker Status ==
 * blocker list is down to 45 at the moment
 * wwoods
   * believe that mdraid is higher priority than iwl3945 because it keeps people from being able to install/upgrade, especially people who are using RAID on IDE drives in FC6 - i.e. people who have been with us a while. the hard-core folx we wanna keep.
   * mdraid and dmraid account for.. I think 10 bugs?
   * gaim/pidgin-libnotify is two more bugs
   * bz 212781 the installer-hang-on-lowmem machines will need a release note if there isn't an obvious fix
   * gotta ask chip why this "symlink from /etc/alternatives/emacs to /usr/bin/emacs is not created." bug is on the blocker
 * f13 will look through blocker list
 * nirik
   * bz 240334 ... needs to get fluidsynth-devel
   * due to extras not being built for ppc64 before the merge...
   * fixing 240334 will get 2 bugs off the blocker list
 * kernel update from davej
   * alan posted a bunch of ata patches today that I'm going to suck up this afternoon
   * i'm sitting on a bunch of patches to fix up some more suspend regressions
   * .21.2 still hasn't landed but will soon
   * linville is working on wireless stuff
   * magic 8 ball says "outlook promising" wrt to having a good enough kernel for release by Thu/Fri

== Release Notes ==
 * need to be built; currently building fine from cvs
 * stickster will sync up with f13
 * consider adding release notes to master schedule in the future or merging docs schedule with master schedule

== Preparing RC (Release Candidate) ==
 * fedora-release need to be rebuilt once we have a final name
 * f13 punts naming task to notting
 * release notes need to be built

== Plan to reach GA ==
 * 24-MAY signed package RC1 created 
 * 24-MAY RC1 made torrentable
 * 26-MAY RC2 planned respin for any fixes that we've been able to find necessary and make.
 * 26-MAY hand RC2 to Red Hat IS to start syncing for public availability
 * 28-MAY confirm trees are GA worthy (if answer is "NO," GA date slips)
 * 29-MAY begin sync to mirrors (takes 48 hours)
 * 31-MAY GA

== Status of Bodhi ==
 * Per lmacken he's really close. 
 * A few unspecified things need help

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