Firefox 32/64bit - no SCIM on 32-bit ff under x86_64

Jens Petersen petersen at
Wed May 23 06:52:15 UTC 2007

Naoki wrote:
> I am running x86_64 rawhide with both 32/64bit firefox installed and 
> have noticed that SCIM (Japanese input) only works in the 64-bit version.
> Trying to work out why but ldd/strace have not revealed anything to 
> me..  I'm assuming it's because I need a 32-bit version of scim perhaps 
> but want to validate the theory before installing.

You don't say which OS verion you're running... is this FC6?

What scim packages do you have installed.
ie what does "rpm -qa scim\* | sort" output?

My guess would be that you are missing the 32bit gtk immodule: eg 

Hope that helps,

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