Vote for the (probable) name of Fedora 7!

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Wed May 23 13:27:22 UTC 2007

On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 21:08:43 -0400,
  Bill Nottingham <notting at> wrote:
> You will need to log in with your Fedora account system user/password. Voting
> will be open until 2007-05-25 00:00:00 UTC. Thanks to Toshio Kuratomi for
> getting this set up.

What groups to you need to be in to vote? It isn't a big deal, since I am
not strongly attached to any of the choices, but when I tried, I was told
I wasn't in the correct group(s). I have done the CLA stuff and can update
the wiki, so I expected that would be enough to vote, but perhaps you need
to be a more substantial contributor?

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