RFC: Fedora 8 and KDE 4

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Wed May 23 15:28:05 UTC 2007

Le Mer 23 mai 2007 16:31, Christopher Aillon a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> I didn't say they didn't matter.
>> I said that given other technical solutions exist, and given that
>> breaking our filesystem organisation has its own drawbacks, -devel
>> conflicts were probably not the worst solution.
> Oh man, you should re-read all the nits you had over the liberation
> fonts.  I am completely shocked that you'd even say this given how
> picky you were.

Picky as in making totally unreasonable demands that made it last a
terrible 4 days, sure. Remind us what is our average review time?

> We need to come up with a good solution to the problem, not
> ignore it.

I am completely shocked you feel creating a new root under /usr is a
trivial matter, given the ongoing pain of making badly-designed
software or packages conform to our guidelines, the years it took to
kill the X11 root, the lag we had to adopt /srv and /media, rpm (mis)
handling of symlink/directory changes, interaction with selinux
policies, etc

How will this stuff work with multilib? How will it interact with
backup systems? How will resorption happen in one release cycle?

Who is ignoring the problems?

Nicolas Mailhot

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