can fedora has the animation grub like suse?

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Thu May 24 18:24:14 UTC 2007

David Zeuthen wrote:
> Right; but there's still a timeout. I'd suggest we didn't show anything
> at all.. meaning that you'd need to know the secret handshake to
> actually dual-boot (e.g. holding down the 'b' key or something). 

Two random (and probably crack) ideas:

Would it make sense to add some magic in anaconda so that when someone 
installs onto a drive with other OSes, we know we're in a dual-boot 
setup and we re-enable a timeout?  Do these people always want to select 
in this manner?

Or would it make sense to add some sort of option for dual boot based on 
knowledge we have into the reboot confirmation dialog that GNOME presents?

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