Suspend stopped to work (Re: Explaining the suspend quirks...)

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Thu May 24 21:29:11 UTC 2007

I thought that with this feature the suspend situation should be getting better, 
but actually recently it got worse. I when I installed F-7 T4 the suspend did 
not work (in FC-6 it had worked) and then, about the time when this thread 
started, the suspend started to work again. Well, I was happy, though I use it 
only four times a week or so... But, I did my last suspend to ram last Sunday 
(20th of May) and then run my notebook without a break for about 6 days and then 
twice restarted due too some unrelated issues (alongside with kernel update). I 
am synced to rawhide and I today wanted to suspend my notebook and what was my 
surprise when it didn't woke up. Well, hard drive led blinked for a little while 
but that was all I get from it. Screen remained turned off.

Was some bug preventing this feature to work introduced lately? I have an Acer 
TravelMate 2490 series notebook. Any ideas?


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