What's with Nautilus?

J French me at semitekie.com
Fri May 25 05:19:55 UTC 2007

Under Nautilus, if you try to remove items (move them to the trash or 
hit Delete with them selected) that are on an NFS drive, you get an 
error "Not on the same filesystem". Now let me ask you, in a corporate 
environment, how many people's home directories are actually on the 
"same" filesystem? And the same as what? The only recourse here is to 
turn on the "Include a Delete command that bypasses trash" and use that 
instead, which completely negates the whole point of the trash bin - 
meaning if I accidentally delete something that I need, I have to go 
through an hour long process of attempting to recover it by rebuilding 
the inodes (someone know an easy way to do this?). While this is just 
one example, this issue actually affects me by quite a bit as my own 
workstation is mapped via NFS to a dozen or so other machines (data 
servers, web servers, storage servers, etc) and I've worked this way for 
years - as have quite a few other people, I'm sure.

Next up - Nautilus again: I do A LOT of development in quite a few 
different languages. If I try to just double click, for instance, an sql 
dump, I get errors like "this is a VHDL document and requires that 
extension". Or, if I open a php script that happens to contain only 
HTML, I get "this looks like HTML rather than PHP". Why does Nautilus 
care? These are raw text files, which gedit is perfectly capable of 
handling. In fact, should you attempt to open a binary file through 
gedit (the only time this should matter), gedit will kindly tell you as 
much. Am I really expected to go through everyone's files and assign the 
extensions Nautilus expects just to get around having to go Open With 
and, sometimes even have to choose Text Editor from "Other 
Applications"? I can understand this behavior for binary files, but 
that's not what I'm talking about here.

These two issues, while they may seem small at first, actually impact 
productivity by quite a bit. I don't rant much, but this is starting to 
get ridiculous. I didn't have these issues under FC5 or 6 and have been 
seriously considering downgrading my workstation back to 6 and leaving 
it there (which I still might do).

OK, I'm done now.

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