CPU overheating

Ahmed Kamal email.ahmedkamal at googlemail.com
Sun May 27 12:46:01 UTC 2007

Well, this is not a grease problem, because it overheats *only* after
resuming from a suspend to ram. On a clean boot, the CPU is very well

It might be a BIOS thing, but yes I have flashed a new one around 6 months
ago. And of course resuming from ram on Windows works fine, so probably a
driver is doing some magic. The kernel is supposed to be controlling the fan
speed, right ?

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> Hi,
> On my toshiba satellite A105, hibernating (suspend to disk) works very
> well. Suspending to RAM, also works beautifuly, it suspends, flashes the
> orange power button, and resumes perfectly.
> Only problem is (yes there has to be one), waking up from suspend to ram,
> it seems the CPU fan does not run (or runs at minimal speed). Which is why,
> the temperature overheats (100C or so) then I could smell my CPU burning
> (you can imagine how angry/scared that made me) and a few minutes later, the
> hardware protection circuits would poweroff the laptop (thank God).
> I have a bugzie opened (233246) over two months ago, and havent heard from
> anyone. Since this bug can destroy hardware, and since my satellite laptop
> is hardly rare hardware, my preception is that this bug should get some
> attention. I'm open for any testing for quircks that might solve this. Let
> me know of any tricks/quirks I can test, so we can add this to quirks mode.
> PS: I'm still on FC6 though (latest update), not sure if I need to be on
> F7
> Normally this is caused by either the bios or no grease between the cpu
> fan and the cpu, the quickest thing todo is to see if you can turn the cpu
> on via the bios or get a newer bios if that doesn't work then someone needs
> to remove the cpu fan and put grease on it.
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