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Hikaru Amano kagesenshi.87 at
Tue May 29 05:07:55 UTC 2007

On 5/29/07, Chris Brown <snecklifter at> wrote:
> wasn't OEM. As for arguing that Beryl and Compiz packages are not getting
> the required attention then it would be helpful if you elaborated a little,
> particularly regarding the bugs. Even have a trawl through bugzilla and add
> your thoughts.
> Regards
> Chris

how bout adding a menu in firstboot (or something similar during first
login of a user)..  asking the user whether to enable compiz/beryl or
not ...

and if enabling fails -> display "You are using <cardname>, and it
seems like the opensource driver does not support 3D with this card.
Please install the proper driver from your vendor and try again
later." - click ok to continue to next screen .. :D

I believe this should give it more attention ..

my 2c ..

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