shiny desktop, anyone?

Joachim Frieben jfrieben at
Wed May 30 13:02:19 UTC 2007

> This is a problem, it could also be under
> "some" > "menue" > "users" > "dont'" > "know" > "even" > "exist" >
> "or" > "what" > "it" > "actaully" > "does"
> >
> > When you click the "Enable Desktop Effects" button, "metacity" is
> replaced by "compiz" and you are asked to confirm if 3D effects actually work. In
> case they don't and you are possibly not even able to confirm, the system
> automatically falls back to non-composite "metacity".
> Jup, I know that. But it should be much more obvious - like a popup of
> some kind that asks you the first time you boot up the desktop.

Well, this reasoning also applies to desktop themes, sound preferences, .., just any kind of personal settings. Do you want a popup window for every one of them to alert the user? For those eager to have this bling, the entry in "Look and Feel" should be amply sufficient.
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