For your consideration: Secondary Architectures in Fedora

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Wed May 30 13:44:15 UTC 2007

David Woodhouse wrote:
> A question which had occurred to me also. We seem to be trying to
> 'solve' a problem which hasn't actually been demonstrated to exist yet.

While it has not happened in a while (my current issues are s390x bound, 
not ppc bound) having to do a single rebuild of firefox even to add an 
ExcludeArch is a huge loss when trying to get security fixes pushed 
where time is critical.  If for whatever reason there crops up a c++ 
compiler bug on the platform -- and Mozilla will exhibit it as it does 
all sorts of funky c++ fu -- delaying the security fix while someone 
debugs and fixes the secondary arch problem is not something I'd like to 
see as a maintainer, nor something that I imagine we'd like to see in 
general as a project.

I'm all for working with whomever to get secondary arches working, but I 
am generally building packages for security issues, and I'd strongly 
prefer to not do re-spins because of failures on arches we don't 
officially support.  It's hard enough getting them out on arches we do.

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