An idea for RPM -> License Agreement support

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed May 30 15:14:24 UTC 2007

Hikaru Amano wrote:
> I'm not sure if i missed it .. anyway .. here goes
> it would be useful to Third Parties if RPM have the ability to ask for
> License Agreement before installing their package. I'm not a lawyer
> but I believe this is useful in legal related stuff when distributing
> softwares. I have seen a few RPM that are stored .bin just for the
> sake of license agreement (Sun Java is the easiest example) and with
> RPM having (optional) license agreement before installation , this
> would reduce their worries bout licensing when packaging app for
> Linux.
> and  ... Linux newbies can avoid the terminal more (I know this sounds
> silly, the moment somebody says open terminal and run "chmod +x
> file.bin", certain users freaks out , double clicking RPM is easier to
> explain ).
> any comments?

It has been suggested before. There are multiple reasons why this is not 
been implemented.

* RPM is explicitly to be non-interactive. It helps in things like 
kickstart. A license agreement breaks this design.

* In a multi user system having a single user agree to the license is 
not very useful. If a license agreement is required it should be a step 
when the application is started first. An example is Real Player.


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