For your consideration: Secondary Architectures in Fedora

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed May 30 19:41:49 UTC 2007

Oliver Falk (oliver at said: 
> Oh... Jesse, you didn't get me correct. I don't want RH to actually DO
> the hosting/housing/whatever for us. I was just wondering if there are
> any Alphas around, that could be (re-)used. And yes, I was also asking,
> if RH want's to house/host/buy some Alphas, if they want to do so fine,
> if not, that's also OK.

While there may be some alphas and similar dinosaurs floating around
offices, I'm unsure:

a) if they're at all functional
b) what the terms of agreement on them are
c) if they're even practical to put on The Internets


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