First impressions of a system update with yum

Matthias Saou thias at
Thu May 31 17:20:13 UTC 2007


Here are my very first impressions of a system update from FC6 to F7
using yum. Note that I haven't "insisted" yet, but it's not looking

First thought : Try "yum update" after updating fedora-release (and
fedora-release-notes which it requires).
No go, because some F7 updates are required to fix my system's upgrade
path (in this case it's audacious-plugins which is newer in FC6 and
requires an older version of curl).

Second thought : I'll break down the transaction in smaller bits, which
can only be a good thing. So "yum install kernel yum".
No go, it stops about rpm-libs and rpm-devel still needing the FC6 rpm.
Possibly a multiarch problem since it appears I have i386 rpm-libs and
rpm-devel installed for some reason.

Third thought : Try an even smaller transaction. "yum install kernel"
No go, because it would update the x86_64 ncurses, which then conflicts
with the older i386 ncurses. Possibly the same problem as the previous

Current thought : do a "yum remove glibc.i686" to get rid of all 32bit
packages before trying anything else. But this scares me a little,
since last time I did this, many applications stopped working
(segfaults inside gconv libs) until I upgraded all x86_64 glibc
packages. Might work here since the F7 update will do so...

Other current thought : To hell with it, format "/" and reinstall from

Last current thought : This used to be much easier. I'm not an
unexperienced user, and it's annoying for me, which is not a good sign.
Oh, and I hate multilib, and most of all that one-arch-only proprietary
flash plugin.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages :
Fedora release 7 (Moonshine) - Linux kernel 2.6.20-1.2952.fc6
Load : 0.21 0.25 0.42

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