Meaningless name (was: Re: rpms/xchat/devel ...)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu May 31 19:57:01 UTC 2007

Matthias Clasen <mclasen <at>> writes:
> So the two of you simply decided that it would be better for everybody
> if the menu item changed from the (somewhat cryptic, but informative)
> "IRC" to the totally meaningless "X-Chat" ?

X-Chat has a meaning, it's the particular IRC client called X-Chat. There's 
several IRC clients in Fedora, including one called xchat-gnome which several 
people think should be the default (in fact, I'd LOVE for it to become the 
default, not because I actually use it, in fact I hate it, but because that 
could lead you to leave the regular X-Chat alone!), so "IRC" is very vague as a 
menu entry.

And KDE actually displays "X-Chat (IRC client)" if the user preferences are set 
that way. Why does GNOME _still_ not support GenericName years after this 
specification has been supposedly agreed on? IMHO, the real technical problem 
lies there, mangling .desktop files like this is just papering over the 

        Kevin Kofler

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