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Re: KDE alpha 1 packages for Fedora?

Laurent Rineau wrote:
On Thursday 03 May 2007 15:48:22 Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rex Dieter <rdieter <at> math.unl.edu> writes:
> When the hussle-bussle dies down (after F7 release?), we can work to
> submit these for review in Fedora proper.

Do we really want KDE 4 packaged like that in Fedora 8? May 24 + 6 months =
November 24, that's a month after the planned KDE 4.0 release (October 23).
Thus I suggest upgrading all of KDE to the alphas in Rawhide as soon as
possible after Rawhide opens for F8

Let wait and see if the KDE project can release KDE-4.0 in time.

I would not like F8 ship a release candidate of KDE4. The KDE desktop is the central part of the KDE spin of Fedora. It has to be stable.

Release candidates are probably fine. We have shipped release candidates of GNOME, and other software at times. Basically, RCs are the releases that upstream thinks can be releases, but would rather get a wider amount of feedback before making it the actual release. In many cases, upstreams simply rebuild the RC and call it final.

What we don't want are alphas or betas or random cvs snapshots in a final release.

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