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Re: Selinux and package guidelines

David Woodhouse wrote:
On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 11:09 +0200, dragoran wrote:
thx for mentioning this I suggest that any package that create avcs should not pass a review. We have suchs packages in extras and nothing in the review process takes care of selinux integration which is wrong.

Yes, that makes sense. Although the SElinux experts do a great job of
cleaning up after us, we should strive to ensure that package
maintainers take responsibility for their own packages rather than
_just_ dumping the load onto others.


I'm getting very tired of these generalism's of you. Most of us are not just volunteers, but even hard working volunteers. Terms like packaging monkeys, and dumping, are not nice descriptions of, and show no respect for, all the hard working people behind Fedora.

I for one have made sure all my packages work well with selinux targeted policy in enforcing mode, and I've written patches for other peoples packages too. I've even written for example textrel patches for SDL, but the @redhat.com maintainer doesn't want to apply them.

So in the future please refrain from such generalisms, an show some respect, or even better show others the respect you expect them to show for you.



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