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Re: Why does nautilus create folders in my home directory by default?

On søn, 2007-05-06 at 20:43 +0200, Rubin wrote:
> Hi people,
> I have searched the mailinglist back to 25-01-2007 using the keywords
> "public folder", "templates folder", "downloads folder" "creating
> directories", "creating folders", "nautilus directories" and a few other
>  combinations and I am a little surprised I didn't find any previous
> posting about the following (ie. I tried to avoid getting a
> re-discussion about this):
> Why does gnome/nautilus/vfs(?) create three directories in my home
> directory by default (using F7t4)? I _really_ dislike this behaviour. I
> can't find any knobs that would allow me to turn this off or _at least_
> allow me to change the folders they point to (Downloads, Public and
> Templates).
> I don't know about anyone else but I find it hard to imagine that anyone
>  actually likes this behaviour; after all, who is not annoyed like hell
> about directories like "My eBooks", "My Pictures", "My Music", etc that
> incessantly re-create themselves in your home directory on some other
> operating system whose name I shall not mention? It is _my_ home
> directory, not some scratchpad for badly designed software, excuse the
> venom.
> So, long story short: If it has been discussed before, my humble
> apologies. If it has to be in there due to upstream changes, then where
> are the knobs? Can I turn it off?

sounds like the xdg-user-dirs freedesktop.org spec implementation, one
of the great new features in F7 - it provides per session translated
directories. Great stuff, will likely be a blessed part of GNOME 2.20 at
least a lot of the applications now have support for it.

- David Nielsen

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