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Release Eng Meeting Recap 2007-May-07


== Status of the Merge ==
* f13
* I'm poking at some software bill wrote a while ago to build package repos out of Koji. * I'm somewhat close to having a repo of packages created in a test environment.
  * expected to be at this point on Thursday, but well, we all forgot about ppc64
  * some of the extras importing didn't go as quickly as I 'd hoped.
  * plan for now I _think_ it will be koji -> repo of packages as rawhide
  * people can use pungi to make installable trees, I'll probably make one somewhere.
  * I need to work on the multilib stuff to make sure it's multilibbing like distill did.
  * no plan yet around needsign/package signing
  * ppc64 things are still uploading/importing; build status is unknown
  * found a few things that didn't have matching NVRs did not build--libupnp-1.4.3-1.fc7 for example
* warren * volunteers to be "bit mover" while f13 is at the Red Hat Summit
* jwb
  * need a document explaining how to get your package into the release... something like "If you did FOO before the merge, here is how to do FOO now"
* will take a crack at the before/after document * lengthy technical discussion around using auto-add script and building packages with koji * all builds must be performed manually
  * no specific decisions were made
  * notting will work on getting automated builds working over the next three days
* notting * there's some stuff that won't build due to various errors - i've filed some bugs, but still have more to file
    * ocaml and maven are being worked on
    * things that BR mono will need ifarched
    * i'll try and attack maven again later *ugh*
    * everything on the missing dep tracker should be OK now
    * 1224 SRPMS built so far, give or take a few
* using ibiblio--mmcgrath and f13 will discuss at Summit

== mirror layout and getting bits to said mirror ==
* f13
   * Since we're still doing Extras for 6/5, perhaps we just tie into that rsync process to get development synced as well?  Compse rawhide to the place that is servied by buildsys: rsync?
   * symlinks or hardlinks are the plan.
* nirik: proposed mirror layout changes look sane
* No formal decisions made

== Building Rawhide ==
* not going to have a post-fc7 rawhide until fc7 goes gold
* important to be able to use rawhide to tackle F7 blocker BZs
* rawhide push will be good for checking EVR and broken deps issues.
* can't make rawhide automated today; will try to enable eventually.  No date set.
* nirik: should we eventually revisit signing rawhide? * would possibly make it so yum could detect what repo a package was from and help with all the repotag nightmares?
   * f13:
    * I'd like rawhide to be signed, with the buildsystem throwaway key but that'll involve an automated signing system.
    * we have a signing system; manual or automated
* discussion of getting a "real" rawhide working before we branch and also how/when to branch
  * no decision reached

== F7 Blocker List ==
* https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/showdependencytree.cgi?id=150226&hide_resolved=1
* 104 open bugs
* 17 Days until release
* wwoods
  * will do some blocker bug triage
  * will loudly announce
* some bugs might not be getting addressed because developers are waiting for builds of rawhide

== Schedule Slip ==
* f13
  * not entirely convinced we'll be ready for deep freeze by Thursday, though probably 'frozen enough to branch cvs'
  * okay with more slipping because what we just did (merge) was _huge_ and we're not coming back online as fast as I hoped we would.
  * can't feel good about deep freezing only a couple days after a merged repo shows up.
* decision reached: * slip 1 week on the freeze and re-evaluate blockers next week
  * no explicit decision made on GA date
* state that merger took longer/more effort than panned for * need more time for rawhide to settle down a bit and maintianers to get their builds in.

== Build System Outage ==
* outage on Wed for about an hour and a half. We're getting some new filers installed. * Time: TBD

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