[Announcement] Fedora 7 Deep Freeze/GA release schedule change

Josh Boyer jwboyer at jdub.homelinux.org
Wed May 9 01:27:14 UTC 2007

The bulk of the Core/Extras merge has now been finished, and the Release
Engineering team has been working hard to get things back in shape for
the final F7 release.  However, due to the massive nature of this
undertaking, we are not coming back online as fast as we had hoped.

We do not have a rawhide repository available as of yet, and the release
and QA teams are not comfortable going into deep freeze at this point.
During the Release team meeting yesterday, it was decided to slip the
deep freeze date by a week at least.  This will also slip the final
release of Fedora 7 by at least a week.

Slipping a week will allow more time for the merge tree to materialize
and stabilize.  Maintainers will also have more time to adjust to the
new processes involved as a result of the merge.  We will also have more
time to evaluate the blocking bugs that are currently open in Bugzilla.

While this slip is unfortunate, it is also in the best interest for the
quality of the release.  Please bear with us as we strive to make this
the best release of Fedora to date!


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