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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Simo Source wrote:
Meanwhile I guess the easiest thing you can do is to print the license
agreement shown to you by the fedora installer, in English, and show it
to the authorities.

Alan Cox wrote:
Print out your own copy ? Or if there is a requirement that it comes from
the "supplier" then perhaps someone can prepare a suitable example on the
Fedora website that anyone can download, sign for themselves and print out.

In other words, print some couple of documents (license agreement + GPL, at least) and accompany them by their notarially certified translation (just for police who do not know English)...

Ideally, it could be nice to have some "official supplier" for Fedora, who can send the user some hard copy document in its language... In other words, to create all needed translations at once, and then send hard copy (with the individual user's requisites) by request. Perhaps with a little cost...


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