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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

Print out your own copy ? Or if there is a requirement that it comes from the "supplier" then perhaps someone can prepare a suitable example on the Fedora website that anyone can download, sign for themselves and print out.

I volunteer to make such a document for Fedora, as elaborate as is still printable with inkscape, if provided with appropriate wording.

Dimitry, can you send me or post and example of what it is expected in this certificate? A good place to start might be the certificates used by other Free software distributors in your country.
Yes, I have some examples (in Russian). But there is no guarantee that it contains "currently expected" text...

As I understand, when our local distributors say "don't download, buy our box with a paper", it is some kind of business for them -- i.e. to intimidate users and to force them to buy their boxes instead of free download. Currently I am even not sure that such a solution actually work, but they recommend it.

Actually, I heard about several precedents, where users was affected by hard copy absence, but is is not too often, at least now. Therefore I decide to post here about the problem, to prevent (at least partially) possible user troubles in the future.

what it is expected in this certificate?

Expected by whom?... By the checking policeman?..

I think the text should be "as robast, as possible". Besides the "unlimited number of users and systems", it should say that "the holographic label is not required", that the label on the case "designed for M*crosoft" does not conflict with, etc.

BTW, one of the precedents is when sysadmin was arrested for absence of holographic labels on a computer with Linux. (Next day was released, surely). The police was instructed that each server must have holographic...


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