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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

(Sorry, I sent to Andrew directly. I re-send this
 to fedel list)

Andrew Haley wrote, at 05/15/2007 01:57 AM +9:00:
Mamoru Tasaka writes:

 > In this case we must make it sure that the translated license can
 > be accepted on Fedora. Actually I have one software which I want to
 > submit into Fedora, of which the license is written completely in
 > Japanese. I asked the developer (, who is Japanese) some questions
 > about the license, then translated into English, sent to Callaway,
 > and he asked FSF about my translated license. And we (Callaway and
 > me) are waiting the reply from FSF from more than one month.....

Well, that's hardly surprising: it's not the FSF's mission to review
other people's licences.  Is it really quite impossible to relicense
this package using one of the well-known free licences?


(Just note that I have not submitted the review request of this
 package and I won't do until this license issue is resolved)

I asked the developer to change the license to GPL or something,
but the developer said "I don't want to change this license"......

And note that it is not the first time for me that I asked to Callaway
about the translation of license originally written in Japanese and
he asked FSF about the translation (not mecab package)


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