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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

And it's the same requirement for legal entities that are not based in
the US and are Fedora or RHEL users. Do you think they don't need to
check licensing too?

Sure they do. From the Fedora legal perspective what legal entities outside of US do is none of our concern.

Then you do the same thing as everyone else - you pay a
legally-accredited translator to translate, you don't require a change
in the core license.

I didn't require a change to the core license. Who told you I was? What I wanted was a official translation. That's the minimum we need to ensure that we don't include software under licenses don't understand or not enforceable.

I am just not sure we have the legal and financial resources to pay for translations every time we include new software under regional licenses that people cook up. It's time to get back to Red Hat legal and asked for their opinion I guess.


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