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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le mardi 15 mai 2007 à 00:59 +0530, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Even if you manage to get people to commit to a legal document in a
foreign tongue and offload the translation risk the PR fallout in case
of conflict is going to be ugly.
Legal risk is different from PR risk. We shouldn't mix them.

Even in this case you'll probably get both.

It is probably going to rain tomorrow too.

And exactly how a software project (composed mainly of people that chose
tech over literature or law) and chose a license in its own language
(presumably because they didn't feel confortable with English) is going
to produce anything but a random translation? Especially if you tell
them it's not binding?

How exactly are people who choose technology over literature or law even going to write a proper license in their own language? If you want good licenses in any language you need to talk to a lawyer. So that's the process they need to follow.


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