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Re: X-Chat in Fedora

Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> I'd be willing to take up comaintainership (or even maintainership if Chris 
> wants to get rid of it completely) if nobody else wants it, though I want to 
> give Rémi Collet a chance to pick it up first.


I think xchat is a very important piece of software, used by a lot of
IRC users.

As you notice, my build work fine for you (and some others ;) i think)

IM bug pointed by Warren seems very important to fix (Warren, can you
try my build of the latest release ?

I'm probably not able to reproduce all situation, i'm a gnome only user,
but i know you a kde one ;)

I will be happy if we can create a comaintainership on this RPM.
Christopher, you and me could be a good demonstration of what the merge is.


P.S. pour Kevin : c'est Remi, sans accent ;)

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