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Re: iwl3945 status in fedora7

Kevin Kofler writes:

hi,will we see iwl3945 in fedora7 by default.

Fedora 7 is going to ship the new iwlwifi driver which supports the IPW3945abg chipset.

Rawhide appears to be shipping the iwl3945 driver at the moment (test 4 had iwlwifi). Whilest iwl3945 is very unstable when combined with NetworkManager, it does at least work for me to some extent - I couldn't get iwlwifi to work at all. I'm currently testing iwl3945 without NetworkManager to see if that works around my stability problems (and I note there are quite a few iwl3945 bugs in bugzilla).

Since iwlwifi seems to work better for some people and iwl3945 seems to work better for others, and neither requires propriatory stuff in userland anymore, is there any reason not to ship with both and let the user choose the one which works for them?

(I'm using an iwl3945abg in an Acer TravelMate 6413).


 - Steve
   xmpp:steve nexusuk org   sip:steve nexusuk org   http://www.nexusuk.org/

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